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The Tuning Sleeve
The perfect BELL INSERT, and TRAINING TOOL for French Horns, and Mellophones
Creates a stronger pitch center so the horn does more of the work

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Fixes Tuning Problems FAST
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PROBLEMS Caused by Poor Tuning:
  • Poor Resonance
  • Bad Tone
  • Delayed Response
  • Blending Issues

Poor Tuning is Caused by Wide Pitch Centers

The Tuning Sleeve works by pushing the player harder towards the sweet spot. This makes it easier for players to be 100% sure they are in the center of the pitch. By inserting a Tuning Sleeve into the bell of a French horn, Trombone, or Mellophone, it will make it play cleaner, more in tune, with a better tone, and it will continue to improve the sound and resonance of the player over time.
  • The Tuning Sleeve is designed to not absorb any tone or resonance.
  • It also greatly helps reduce edge and distortion at very loud volumes on any horn!
French Horn Fundamentals
Most people play horns with wide pitch centers, which is caused by a large bell throat. The Tuning Sleeve fixes this by simulating a smaller bell throat.  So, you get the control and intonation of a small bell throat horn with the sound of a large bell throat horn.    
  • Center of notes have more gravity so notes lock in better
  • Improved intonation
  • Cleaner lip trills and fast passages
  • Cleaner articulation
Magical Mellophone Miracle
The Tuning Sleeve works wonders on mellophones:
  • Creates a stronger pitch center
  • Improves resonance
  • Directionalizes and focuses sound better
  • Less distortion at louder volumes
  • Locks in notes better for better accuracy
  • Improves intonation
  • Less cracks and chips
  • Less blur when playing fast
Recent News:
  • Brook Mays is now the exclusive distributor of Tuning Sleeves in Texas.
  • Tuning Sleeves have been tested to be vertically crush resistant by up to 20 lbs.
  • Tuning Sleeve 2.0 is currently in design phase and current model is on sale till existing supply is sold out. 

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